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Evil Thoughts

Dec 30, 2022

Welcome 2023!

Dec 29, 2022

Southwest Airlines cancels 2,300 or 58% of their flights today, but no-worries, Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg is from the government and he's here to help you!

Dec 28, 2022

Democrats, like Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown & NY Governor Kathy Hochul can't understand why their people loot in snowstorms.

Dec 27, 2022

The First Lady joins her husband pandering to people of color, posing behind a display of lit Kwanzaa candles!

Dec 26, 2022

Probably not an idealogical epiphany, but it's worth noting that Alexandria Sandy Cortez voted against The Omnibus Spending Bill, DC's latest spending atrocity. She is the only House Democrat to do so.