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Evil Thoughts

Dec 29, 2023

Maine's Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows is the latest lefty zealot "saving" democracy by kicking evil Trump of the ballot!  Watch my latest music video about jackals like Shenna here:


Dec 28, 2023

Nikki Haley thinks you have the emotional capacity and critical thinking skills of a retarded six-year-old. When asked last night about the cause of the Civil War she completely avoided mentioning "slavery."

Watch my latest music vid about jackals like Nikki here:

Dec 27, 2023

Palestinian protesters block access roads to JFK & LAX. Can you say, Counterproductive? Next stop- NYC's Times Square New Year's Eve celebration! 

Watch my latest music vid, READY FOR RAIN here:

Dec 26, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs fans are blaming Taylor Swift because ever since she started showing up her boyfriend, Travis Kelce has only caught 1 touchdown, and the team has lost 5 out of 8 games.

Watch my latest music video, READY FOR RAIN here:

Dec 22, 2023

John Kirby, spokes jackal for the Biden administration further normalizes the idea that the United States is incapable of enforcing our southern border.

Watch my latest music video READY FOR RAIN here: