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Evil Thoughts

Jan 30, 2024

Last night on msnBS, E Jean Carroll fantasized about spending 83 million dollars of Trump's money which included sending Rachel Maddow on a fishing trip to France. Trump has another scenario in mind, which begins with an appeal. 

Watch my fab music vid READY FOR RAIN here:

Jan 29, 2024

Conspiracy types are saying yesterday's Ravens/Chiefs game was rigged by a woke NFL because Taylor's now going to the Super Bowl AND she loves Joe Biden!

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Jan 26, 2024

South Dakota's Kristi Noem, one of 25 governors supporting Texas says she'll drive more razor wire down to TX if she has to. Joe Biden says Greg Abbott has 24 hrs to remove it. Watch my fabulous vid about the globalist jackals pushing this invasion here:

Jan 25, 2024

Pass the popcorn. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defies the President & SCOTUS by ordering his National Guard to re-install razor wire at the Eagle Pass border crossing.

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Jan 24, 2024

Trump wins. Lefties freak. Rinse & Repeat. Watch my fab vid about the power hungry jackals who want to control you here: