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Evil Thoughts

Feb 29, 2024

SCOTUS agreed to hear Trump's appeal and Harvard Lefties like Elie Mystal immediately trash the court because they don't like the decision. Ironically Elie called the Constitution & the Founding Fathers trash and yet they saw control freaks like him coming a mile away. Watch my vid about jackals like Elie...

Feb 28, 2024

Dan Goldman is the President's designated liar as Hunter Biden testifies in front of 2 House committees today. Goldman: there's nothing to see here, and anybody who thinks otherwise is an agent of Vlad Putin. Watch my fab music vid about jackals like Goldman here:

Feb 27, 2024

Last night while appearing on late night TV, President Biden was given the opportunity to "address concerns about his age." Hilarity ensued. Watch my fab music vid about these jackals here:




Feb 26, 2024

His troops are running out of ammo and Ukrainian President  Zelensky tells MSNBC losing to Vlad would suck.


Feb 23, 2024

Turns out the cause of AT&T's cell phone outage yesterday was not a cyber attack, the beginning of WW3, the result of a huge solar flare, or even Climate Change.

Watch my fab music vid, READY FOR RAIN here: