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Evil Thoughts

Feb 29, 2020

Bill Maher claims he's not rooting for the virus, even as he slams the President's response. Meanwhile in panderville S. Carolina Joe Biden looks forward to appointing the 1st African American woman to the Senate!

Feb 28, 2020

At the risk of ruining the fear mongering, Hong Kong, where they live together packed like sardines, is reporting 93 confirmed cases, which is ,0012% of the population!

Feb 27, 2020

The Coronavirus is now officially a political football! Let the fear mongering begin! Lefty Media- Start your engines!


Feb 26, 2020

Last night's "debate" was a panderfest of Lefty nuttiness. Bernie favors legalizing pot, but only Blacks, Latinos, & Native Americans should be allowed to sell it! Then there's yesterday's fear mongering about the Coronavirus from the CDC.

Feb 25, 2020

The long knives are out for Bernie tonight, even as he doubles down on his bromance with Fidel Castro's regime in communist Cuba. Meanwhile Joe Biden thinks he's running for Senate!