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Evil Thoughts

Oct 31, 2021

Trump did the Tomahawk Chop last night at Game 4 of the World Series in  evil Atlanta. The Woke among us think this is an example of the racial anger that Joint Chiefs Chair, Mark Milley seeks to understand!

Oct 30, 2021

In the hotly contested race for Virginia governor, Lefties get caught race baiting by posing as Charlottesville White Nationalists complete w/ tiki torches from Home Depot.

Oct 29, 2021

The fabulous AOC cried wolf again on Capitol Hill yesterday predicting crop failures and famine in 7 years, with whole regions of the U.S. being uninhabitable by 2038.

Oct 28, 2021

Apparently Merrick Garland has no idea what his Department of Justice is up to even though he runs it.

Oct 27, 2021

Bruce Springsteen agrees with Barack Obama that his fans would call the late, great saxophonist, Clarence Clemons the N-word if they saw him in a bar.