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Evil Thoughts

Mar 20, 2023

Apparently Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg is considering indicting Trump over Stormy Daniels, while ignoring a tsunami of real felonies. He may get more than he bargains for.

Mar 17, 2023

Minnesota Lt. Governor, Peggy Flanagan has some fab advice for parents regarding gender affirming healthcare for minors!

Mar 16, 2023

This morning the Pentagon released video of Tuesday's Russian drone attack and last night Senator Lindsey Graham stoked the sparks invoking the name of a former President!

Mar 15, 2023

Drew Barrymore gets down on her knees to admire TikTok trans-star Dylan Mulvaney. Meanwhile more Woke-ness at the Pentagon, revealed by yesterday's characterization of Russia's provocative downing a US spy drone over the Black Sea.

Mar 14, 2023

Energy Secretary and unelected bureaucrat Jennifer Granholm reveals new Federal regulations on washing machines, which will use less water, which will reduce their overall cleaning power.